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Commission Info [OPEN]

Sat Nov 24, 2012, 1:18 AM



:bulletred: I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason
:bulletred: I reserve the right to display your commission in my gallery or anywhere else I'd like to post it
:bulletred: I prefer payments to be made via paypal but will accept points equivalent to the price of the commission. Paypal charges a trasaction fee and this will be incorporated into the price of the commission accordingly.
:bulletred: Please provide me with references. I need a detailed photo of a face if I am to get any resemblances down and a good reference with clear indications of character design etc will go a long way if you're looking for a commission of your OC for instance. I'm willing to work with descriptions if this is the best you can do.
:bulletred: You will receive a high resolution copy of your commission via a private url linking to my Deviant Art
:bulletred: My canvas size varies between 2000x2000 pixels and 4000x4000 pixels (this includes various ratios inbetween)


:bulletred:TYPE 1: Standard portrait (Bust) $35 [OPEN]
Easily my most comfortable category. I think some of my stronger pieces are in this format. This commission will consist of a portrait from the chest up or a headshot with a very simple background as can be seen in these examples:
Reporter in Red by MirRorielAutumn Boy by MirRorielMandy's Still Watching You by MirRorielLavinia the Avox - Hunger Games by MirRorielEriel merged by MirRoriel

Additional characters may be added for an additional fee of $15 dollars per addition.

:bulletred:TYPE 2: Half body (i.e. no legs =P) $45 [OPEN]
It's more body guys! =P. My attempts at backgrounds tend to be... dodgey to say the least so I won't charge extra for that until I get better at it. So if you want a background with this one, just mention and describe it, and I'll see what I can do for you.
Legacy by MirRorielLyndsey Cannon by MirRorielFinnick Odair the Water Boy by MirRorielMako - Conflagration by MirRorielKorra - Avatar State by MirRorielIndoor Gryllz by MirRoriel

Additional characters may be added for an additional fee of $15 dollars per addition.

:bulletred:TYPE 3: Full body (legs arms faces, everything!) $55 [OPEN]
A bit of a tougher category for me :D. These examples took a super long time, much muuuch longer than busts that's for sure. Once again I'll refrain from charging extra for backgrounds. But I think I'm getting better... maybe ;).
Gladiator Snow White by MirRorielEx-militant Pink Lindt by MirRorielRadiant as the Sun - An animation by MirRorielPainter by MirRoriel
Additional characters ma be added for an additional fee of $20 dollars per addition


:bulletred: Fill out the following form
Paypal address:
Commission catergory
(Type 1,2 or 3):
Character or characters:
(very important ;)... be detailed in descriptions. Use links or attach pictures if you send an email):
Additional information
(that's any extra details you'd like me to know):

:bulletred: Send me a note here on DA or email me here: ogoenkado(at) Please note that this is not my paypal address. I will then reject or confirm your request and will invoice the full amount to your paypal. I then require the following mimimum upfront deposits for each Type before I begin work:
:bulletblue: Type 1: $20
:bulletblue: Type 2: $25
:bulletblue: Type 3: $30

I will then endeavour to fully commit and see your commission through. However, if for any reason whatsoever I find that I cannot complete your commission, you are entitled to a refund of the total you paid me minus the additional transaction fee I added to your fee simply because that money will no longer be available to me.

Ok! I hope I've covered everything. I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys soon. Hopefully I don't scare anyone away. If you have a really vague inclination to commission me but don't feel comfortable about a certain term, condition or price, I'm open to talk about it. I won't bite!


:bulletred:Type # (discription)[status]
  1. BackstreetZAFU Type: Illustration (paid - completed)
  2. Simplistic-Fool Type 2 (deposit paid - completed)
  3. Elklodge Type: Coloured sketch (deposit paid - completed)
  4. empty
  5. empty


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
South Africa
Wits Student aspiring to become a professional Actuary :). University keeps me quite busy but I always love making time for some photo to the shop


WTF is going on with the homepage hahaha?? Like where is it?!? You leave for a couple months... AND HAHA STATUS UPDATES?? Haha well that's hella cool though. Nice. But the rest, weird. Somebody hmu? Gimme the low down hoe down cos I need to know!

*EDIT* I found the articles so no worries :P. I also found the old "front page" at "BROWSE" ... hmm very interesting. Anyhoo, miss you :3

Why hello there :)



Hey Dear... :)

Thank you llama by YooMe

So kindly
Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin
Because it is always my pleasure :icongrin--plz:

But of course, if you insist, I'd then also appreciate your thoughts on the gallery

so don't be shy to take a look around :heart:!


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BurgerForLunsh Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your artwork is very beautiful! I highly admire your skill :D great gallery!
ChikiCosplay Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the favorite! <3
MirRoriel Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Graphix-Goddess Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Professional Writer
I know you are SUPER busy, girl, but if you have time, can you show some support on my new mailing list and facebook page for my new book series?

I would appreciate it so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the mailing list:

Here's the FB page:…

PS, What do you think of the logo/ teasersite so far? :D
MirRoriel Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks awesome my friend!! I locked myself out of Facebook using ColdTurkey hehe so I'll give your page a like as soon as I remember and I'm on my phone. What's the meaning behind Fluorescence :)? Is it the title of your series? 
Graphix-Goddess Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Professional Writer
ColdTurkey? Never heard of at. Fluorescence is the name of the series. It's what the  special
 DNA inside the characters is called. (there's a synopsis on the fb page maybe you can read later). I'm sorry I wasn't specific about that but maybe you can see more once your FB is back up. 

I am releasing more details as publishing in time get nearer, of course. 

MirRoriel Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic! Wow this is so exciting! Can't wait to have a look and will visit that page asap.

Haha I get so distracted by the internet and I really can't afford to so ColdTurkey is perfect for me if I have the discipline to initiate it. Sometimes telling yourself "I really shouldn't be here, wait what, its been an hour already!??!" time and time again just doesn't cut it.

So I found ColdTurkey and it basically lets you block any website you specify for specific times for up to one week. So I locked everything (Tumblr, yahoo, youtube, twitter etc) except Deviantart (cos I'm working on commissions but even this site is dangerous for me if I accidentally wander into anyone's gallery :blush:) but I set everything to unlock between 4am to 5:30am to encourage me to wake up early X'D (hasn't worked yet hehe).
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themexicanduck Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
amazing, you are
MirRoriel Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank you so much :happybounce::huggle:!!
Graphix-Goddess Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Professional Writer
OMG you changed your ID :P I didn't even notice!!!
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